Still All Good…


Paige, Sara (the wanderer), & Fiesta

Every day brings something new and sometimes something unwelcome. It’s funny that in my last post I talked about no matter what goes on — I can still say that it’s all good. That was put to the test last Wednesday. Jim and I lost one of our dogs. We came home late because of errands that day and let our 3 Papillons and my son’s dog we were babysitting out to do their thing.  Somehow in the craziness that is our life, we lost one of our little girls.  She is a wanderer and we keep a pretty good eye on her but, she managed to disappear on us. We looked everywhere. We spent several hours trying to
find her. It got late. It got dark. The weather grew stormy like our moods.  We were worried. We were heartbroken. We finally gave up for the night and went to bed. It was sad.  When we all crawled into bed that night — there was someone missing.

The next day we got up and went to work like normal. There wasn’t the usual banter between Jim and I. There was a heaviness in the air that choked out words. We both worried that someone had picked her up. There is a new Walmart within sight of our home but, we didn’t dare dwell on that. We impatiently went through the work day counting down the hours until we could return home to look for our little girl again. It finally came time to head home so we made a beeline in that direction with a quick stop at the county dog pound because — well, you never know. No luck there. So, when we got home Jim gathered up the photo posters he had made of our girl and headed out with the intention to visit every house on the block. I stayed at home to fix some mac & cheese I had promised to make for a birthday lunch in my clinic the next day. I was imagining he’d be out for quite a while but, he returned quicker than I thought. I heard him come in rather than see him because I was busy at the stove. I turned around
and said, “Are you done?” He said, “Yes” and then something like there she is and I looked and there she was! I was so surprised and excited. I screamed and ran and picked her up and cried. It would probably be silly to anyone who isn’t a dog person but, she is a member of our family and she had returned. I could not have been happier. Turns out a neighbor & her husband that live further down the street had found her and not knowing who’s she was, held onto her thinking that the owner would come looking. How right they were! We were so thankful she was safe and hadn’t had to spend the night out in the rain.

Jim and I both slept soundly that night. We had all our babies snoozing with us and all was right in our world.

With you Lord, it’s all good…

It’s All Good

It’s all good is what you say when you are okay with things even though you may be aware of a few not so perfect things going on.  Not so perfect is life.  Everyday brings challenges to our lives.  The first challenge for almost everyone is getting out of bed in the morning.  I hate that alarm clock!  And, I can attest to the fact it gets harder as you grow older.  The older me wakes up a bit stiffer these days.  But thankfully, I wake up!

Most of the challenges on my mind belong to or concern others.  I worry about my children and how they are feeling and dealing with everyday life.  I question if there is something I should be trying to do for them.  But, the answer to that is mostly no.  They need to and want to do for themselves.  My children are grown — as they say.  Then, there is my concern for Jim and his daily challenges.  He has a few health issues but thankfully, nothing too serious.  He does what he must to deal with it.  He does all he can on a daily basis to make sure things are as they should be for us.  Some of life’s circumstances have made our finances a bit of a challenge.  I’m so proud of how he works to accomplish his goals for us.  I’m not nearly as money conscious as I should be so, it’s good one of us is!

So, I am left with my own personal challenges.  There is work, home, laundry, cooking, a bit of remodeling thrown in, a occassional concert, jelly making and of course spending as much time as humanly possible with my man.  All of this to be accomplished as an older woman — which has its own challenges.

I am absolutely NOT complaining.  That’s the point of this post.  I am happy and fulfilled and grateful to God for all of his blessings on me.  Even on a day when challenges feel especially hard — IT’S ALL GOOD.

I Intend To Live — Happily Ever After…

us twoSo, I got married.  I’ve been meaning to write something on my blog about it before now but, I have been so overwhelmed with how quickly it all happened and all the details that go along with getting it done that I just haven’t been able to share.  Before I elaborate, I’ll say that I got married Friday, July 24, 2015 at 6 PM to the man I am happy to spend the rest of my life with.  He is a gift.  He is my everything.

The wedding was not big but, it was lovely.  And fun.  Gotta have fun.  Our minister told me it was the most fun he’s ever had during a wedding ceremony.  That’s saying something because he has probably done 100’s of ceremonies.  Jim and I are silly so we danced around waiting for the processional music to end.  The song was a bit long.  We decided to write our own vows and the minister thought it was pretty amusing that I had mine tucked away in my bra.  HA!  Well, it ain’t like I had pockets.  And, there was a shifting around of the flowers because I hadn’t thought about what to do with them beforehand and since we chose not to have attendants all of a sudden I was faced with a dilemma during the ceremony.  My solution was to pass them to whomever was free.  Worked out…

The reception went great.  We had a taco bar.  It was more than hors d’oeuvres but not donut topperstuffy like a sit down dinner.  We had lime sherbert punch — my favorite.  cakeI made our wedding cake.  I found a recipe for a coconut cake I was just crazy about.  It turned out pretty good and I was proud of it.  More importantly, people told me it was delicious.  We had lots of family and friends who came out to join in our fun.  We are truly blessed with so many who wish us well.


Our wedding night was delightful.  We got to the hotel late.  Well, late for old folks.  We had quality time talking and praying together and of course all that other stuff newlyweds do.  I’ve never felt closer to Jim.

The last line of my vows to Jim:


God has blessed me with a perfect match. I love him with my whole heart.


Never thought it was possible

To love another child                                                                                               Eddie 2 years old

But there you were

Perfect round head

Big blue eyes

And I fell

Head over heels

Opening my heart

To my boy

My son

My little man

My Eddie

Time passed quickly

And in the blink of an eye

You were no longer my child

But instead a husband

And a loving father

But in my mind you remain

A blond haired bundle of energy

A pint sized whirlwind

With a mischievous grin

Who stole hugs and kisses

And a young Mother’s heart

I will love you always

As mother’s do

Always my boy

My sweet son

My grown up man

My Eddie


My Yin Yang

yinyangAlmost daily I am made aware that I am an “older” woman.  Yet, there are moments when I feel young.


It’s my Yin Yang.

It’s the pain I feel when rising in the morning.

It’s the beauty of a new day.

It’s the snap, crackle, pop of my joints.

It’s skipping when I walk.

It’s over hearing a young person’s conversation.

It’s re-living a moment in time.

It’s underwear older than my co-workers.

It’s keeping up with my co-workers.

It’s my grandson wanting me to do flips in the grass.

It’s doing flips in the grass.

It’s bringing in the AARP envelope.

It’s being called young lady.

It’s giggles when I rock out to an oldies tune.

It’s being in that moment.

It’s noticing the age spots on my hands.

It’s calling them sun spots.

It’s being too tired to fix dinner.

It’s PB & J and chocolate milk.

It’s sitting on cement to watch fireworks.

It’s watching fireworks.

It’s the pain of riding a bike.

It’s the joy of riding a bike!!

It’s not being able to sleep-in.

It’s Saturday morning cartoons.

It’s 40 years since high school.

It’s seeing old high school friends.

It’s my son saying, “Hey, old lady!”

It’s my boyfriend calling me beautiful.

It’s watching young lovers kiss.

It’s a long sweet kiss with my man.

It’s being too old to act this way.

It’s laughing out loud at life.








Bring It On Summer!

I’ve got some things coming this summer that fill me with anticipation.  One thing I am looking forward to I can’t talk about for fear of jinxing it.  Yes, I realize that is irrational.  Still…

Last night I talked to my niece Michele for a while.  We’re close.  If we were much closer — she’d be my child.  We’ve always had a special connection.  I used to call her Smallfry.  Still do.  I am the only one who can get away with that.  Anyway, Jim and I will be headed macgyverher way for the July 4th holiday.  Can’t wait!  I really need the get-away.  She and my older sister live right outside of New Orleans so, it’s always fun to go there.  Besides, I love seeing them.  They share my especially quirky sense of humor…  —————>

Next on the agenda is a dinner that my friend Karen and I have set up for July 25th.  We did our 40 year high school class reunion last year and I am happy to say it was a roaring success.  We expanded it from just our class and included a 10 year span.  Anyway, we have had so many express the desire to get back together that we decided to set up a very casual evening.  “Dinner With Old Friends” is what we call it.  Very appropriate, yes? We’ll meet at a restaurant and have dinner and then hang out until the restaurant closes catching up with each other.  We weren’t sure what kind of response we’d get but, I already had to change the room to something bigger!  best-mirrorI get such a charge out of seeing old friends.  Karen and I do a lot of comparing notes when it’s all over. There’s always some news to share.  We’re amateur sleuths. HA!

To round out the summer I anticipate lazy summer days full of cook-outs, fresh garden tomatoes, front porch firefly watching and long leisurely rides in our Corvette with the top down. Life is good.

I love you SUMMER!

I Had The Power All Along…

god-keeps-his-promisesI’ve always been a believer in God, even in times when I let my personal life get in the way of my worship life.  I had my own believer’s code that I lived by but, I did not attend church regularly.  The last several years have seen a spiritual growth in me.  I am closer to God.  I am still so far from worthy but, so thankful for his unconditional love.

Jim and I went to early church at our home church today and then on a spontaneous whim, decided to attend another church whose service we could just make if we hurried.  I like contemporary Christian music and they are big on that there.  We have talked about going many times before but, why today?

We arrived at the new church and made our way in.  People were friendly and welcoming but, for some reason I felt uncomfortable.  I wondered why I was there.  But, I was there because God wanted me there.  The service started with praise and worship music.  It was lively and the group seemed sincere but, I wasn’t quite feeling it.  But, when it was over, I listened to a sermon where I received a message that opened my eyes.  How often do we hear God speak to us and yet we doubt or fear or think we know best?  I was slapped in the face with the knowledge that I have been standing in my own way.  I have been petrified to believe I could have what he has promised.  I feared it wasn’t possible.  I saw obstacles in my way and no way to get around them.  I was so busy feeling sorry for myself, I refused to see that God will provide a way.  I am now painfully aware that I have been waiting for years for something that had been available all along.  How foolish not to trust God.

I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of always had the power